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Tiffinny Beard is the founder of Metamorphosis Counseling Center.  Their purpose is helping people realize they can end the cycle of recidivism.  having endured the cycle of returning to legal custody on several occasions, she understands the struggles involved with trying to live life according to society’s rules: she walked out of prison November 6, 2006 with the clothes on her back $200 in her pocket, and a desire to never return again. She remained in touch with her Higher Power and plenty of prayer.  She ended her cycle of recidivism.  She is currently in her second year of a PH.D in forensic Psychology program.  In her free time, she spends time with her children, and grandchildren.  she also does plenty of self-care, and reading.

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New Book

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Accepting an Apology You May Never Receive is a manual for those struggling with personal issues you may not have resolved from the past or near present. Tiffinyy Beard stars a rich tapestry of experiences and hard life lessons she has learned through life in order to progress and allow other to do the same.  Many of the issues society neglects are addressed in the manual to find closure and relief from adverse situations that may still be plaguing your life with regret, depression, shame, guilt, and many other negative emotions.  This manual will allow you to cope with or solve personal issues once and for all and acquire the badly needs peace to progress with your life.


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